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2015 (May)  Spanish Marriage Conference in S. Florida

27 years ago Jose Cabral and his fiancee attended a Marriage Conference in Mendoza, Argentina, that I directed. A few months ago he called me and asked me to do the same conference for the married couples in his church. This summer we rented most of a hotel in South Florida and had a wonderful weekend with some great couples. This was one of the most exciting ministries that we engage in.

2015 (May)  Return to Tarapaca, Amazonas, Colombia to a church I planted in 1973.

Summer of 2015 Don was invited to return to Tarapaca to meet with the leaders of the Ticunas, Yaguas, Witotos, and Bora tribes who live up river from Tarapaca on the Putumayo River in Southern jungle of Colombia for a week of teaching and training in Bible Study and church ministries. Don planted the church in Tarapaca 40 years ago that has now spread upriver thanks to the heroic labor of several Colombia servants. I was the first evangelical missionary to enter this town and plant a church. God used Tiberio Nieto, a coffee grower from Neiva, Colombia, under great risk, who regularly returned to Tarapaca throughout the past 35 years, when missionaries were forbidden and guerrillas and drug trafficers controlled the jungle region. What a thrill to see all that God has done.

2014 (February)  Nepal Pastor Training program at Kathmandu and Kharatpur.

The largest gathering of house church pastors in the history of Nepal occurred in Feb, 2014 for the purpose of honoring and training these courageous church planters in this historically hostile country to Evangelicals.  Sixty years ago there were only a handful of believers in the country, yet today they number 1.3M believers. Now their greatest need is training for their ministry to keep them faithful to God’s Word and encourage these pastors in the face of multiple persecution.

2013 (July) Sucre, Bolivia and Buenos Aires, Argentine Bible Conferences

Invitations from pastor’s associations, Hermanos Libres [Free Brothren] denominational Annual Convention in Bolivia, and pastor’s association and training institute in Argentina have extended invitations for me to train leaders in discipleship, mentoring and missions. They are committed to the Great Commission, but now want to know how to accomplish it.


2013 (May) Colombia project with Liberty University and Seminary Students going to Bogota and Amazon jungle.

This trip with 12 Liberty students will embark on four different areas of ministry: large urban city ministry in Bogota with ABWE where we served 35 years before, a National training center for tribal workers with New Tribes Mission, then to the jungle to see how churches are planted in small jungle towns, and finally a week living among an Amazon tribe.  The following pictures are they experienced.

2012 Bolivian Conference in Cochibamba

Former students from teaching in Argentina who are now leading ministries throughout Bolivia invited Don to speak in a Bible Conference.  In four days Don spoke 30 times (one hour each) teaching on the principles of church life and global focus.

2012 Cuban leadership training with Action International  

Don Fanning was invited to teach the book of Romans in 16 hours to 550 pastors during the summer of 2011.

2010 Teaching House Church Leaders in SE Asia

House churches multiply rapidly, but leaders need to be trained as they are leading their ministries and multiplying churches. There are no seminaries so we have to take the training directly to them.

2009 Vision Trip to India with graduate students

Johnny Moore and I led a trip for our seminary students to the five key religious centers in India to the Tibetan Buddhist Center (residence of the Dali Lama), the Golden Temple of the Sihks, the Shrine of the origin of Buddhism, the sacred Hindu Ganges river and the largest Islamic mosque in Deli. Each site had an hour with religious leaders and Q & A with the students. Amazing trip.

2008 Amazon Trip on river boat with 17 Liberty University students 

Don traveled with 17 students from Manaus, Brazil up tributaries of the Amazon River visiting some of the 32,000 small villages with medical and dental aid, while other team members did sports and musical evangelism projects. Everyone learned how to pull a tooth and a Brazilian was trained to do extractions to be able to continue helping these Brazilians deep in the Amazon jungle.

2007 Ecuador aircraft building project with Waodonis:

In order to help the Waodonis (formerly known as the Aucas) to develop an economy to support their own school, air support, medical needs, food supplies, etc. so they would not be dependent on outsiders with all the negative effects of dependency.   Don helps Waodoni Indians develop an airplane building company. 

2003 Tsunami project with 105 Liberty University students

After the devastating tsunami hit Sumatra, Thailand and India, Liberty University responded by sending teams of students and staff to offer their medical and construction aid to the survivors.