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Jan 29 See or Examine our sonship

1 John 3:1 “See*~ what sort of love the Father has given to us: that we should be called God’s children– and indeed we are! For this reason the world does not know us: because it did not know him.”

It may seem strange that a command would be necessary for us to “see” the manifestations of the Father’s love, but we cannot forget it.

It may seem strange that a command would be necessary for us to “see” the manifestations of the Father’s love, but we cannot forget it.

The imperative form means to “urgently decide to stare at,” or to “become acquainted with by experience.” Our Father’s love for us must be ever present in our minds. It must become sufficient for us. It must fill our souls.

John had just told the readers how to see the reality of the new birth as it transforms into godly behavior, and now he commands the reader to meditate on the greatness of God’s love.

The specific focus of God’s love is that He has graciously decided to call us His “children” (lit. “genuine descendants”). The privilege of being earthly royalty pales in comparison to being part of the family of God. According to John 1:12 God graciously gave us the right to be His “children.”

The expression “what sort of love” is a translation of a word meaning “how great, or something beyond what has previously been experienced.” How could the holy and majestic God of all creation welcome into His family the vilest of sinners (us) who have done everything that He abhors?

We can never imagine how much God afflicted His Son on the cross so that He could be just in forgiving us. We can only marvel that He was willing to allow Jesus to suffer cruelly in order to accept us as His children and be just in doing so, that is, Jesus’ agony was how much God hates sin. 

John warns that we should not draw the wrong conclusion. This privilege does not mean that we will be treated like royalty in this life. We should not expect any different treatment than His Son, Jesus, received in this world, because “it did not know him.”

Our self–worth does not come from the world’s acceptance; it comes from the assurance that God has taken us into His family as His beloved children. This is a far greater value than being the son of an earthly king. Is this enough to satisfy your heart’s needs now?

“Lord, nothing in this life compares to knowing that in Your sight I am considered Your child and forever accepted in Your family. Thank You.”

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